Nord VPN


NordVPN- everything you should know

In this extensive review of NordVPN, I am going to tell you everything about the service that will give you enough to decide for or against a subscription. With its home in Panama, NordVPN is a popular provider of VPN service all over the globe. The company prides itself on its various features and boasts over 14 million subscribers. With its presence in more than 80 locations in 59 countries, NordVPN has a total of over 4,500 servers. The service can be used on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Android TV Apps, and Linux. You can use it on 6 devices at a time with one subscription which is great if your home has multiple devices. With a bevy of services on offer that includes all that one would expect, it also has some unusual stuff. This includes double data encryption and extra security with Onion support. Also, it provides phishing, ad, and malware protection with its ‘CyberSec’ technology. Nord has a no-logging/no tracking policy as well as P2P support. In short, your online activity is entirely safe from prying eyes that may be. I noticed that NordVPN provides adequate customer support which is a hallmark in the industry. The service, though, may seem a little pricey at $11.95 a month but when you subscribe to an annual plan of $59.04, it works out to just $4.92 a month and over the 2-year plan for $79.20, just $3.30 a month. However, I’d suggest that you first try out the service for a month with a 30-day money-back guarantee plan. That should help you decide how good the service is for you and if you want to go in for the long-term plan.

Additional Features

NordVPN has been steady and surely busy improving its overall service offers. I notice it has added a new Mac feature that will enable you to launch the service with custom settings. You can also optimize for browsing, speed, and downloads. It is ideally a preset that is hassle-free and automatic. Then, you have the web monitor which will alert you in case your email is spotted on the dark web. However, it does not work on the desktop as of now but only with the Android and iOS apps. There is a ‘refresh’ feature for Android that checks if there is a better server you can connect to. When on the website, your account is secured by multi-factor authentication. NordVPN does well on the privacy front with the strong AES-256-GCM encryption. Once connected, your traffic is routed through NordVPN's own network first and then directs over the Onion network to its destination. This is an additional level of privacy which makes it almost impossible for someone to trace you back. As far as security is concerned, I know for a fact that NordVPN has excellent stuff in its armory. You have a kill switch to prevent data leaks if the connection drops. A second kill switch is a general one that blocks internet access when you are disconnected from the VPN. It also blocks IP leaks and DNS leaks. In general NordVPN’s security is airtight and passes the test with flying colors. Thus, NordVPN's entertainment streaming unblocking, P2P servers, accelerated speeds, and strong encryption makes it an above-average service.

Nord VPN Pros

  • Privacy
  • Operative kill switch
  • Unblocks Netflix, Amazon, and others
  • Great live chat support

Nord VPN Cons

  • Basic browser extensions